June 8, 2023

Vitalief Launches Innovative Float Pool Services to Address Nagging Resourcing Challenges Across Research and Clinical Trials Industry

Vitalief, a leading consulting and functional service provider for research and clinical trial organizations, announced today the launch of its transformative Float Pool services.

The offering is designed to revolutionize the way research and clinical trial teams manage their human resources, directly addressing the healthcare human capital epidemic.

"New challenges require novel solutions. Our goal at Vitalief is always to provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients," said David Moore, CEO of Vitalief. "Our Float Pool services offer an adaptive resourcing strategy that meets the dynamic demands of the research and clinical trials industry. It's about ensuring that the right people are in the right places at the right times, thereby increasing efficiency and, ultimately, patient outcomes."

The Float Pool services involve deploying a flexible team of skilled resources across multiple clinical trial tasks, processes, or sites, ensuring consistent, high-quality support irrespective of unforeseen challenges or fluctuating demand. This flexibility is key to addressing the current human capital crisis in healthcare, enabling organizations to adapt swiftly to dynamic environments.

"The beauty of the Float Pool concept is its inherent adaptability," said Jennifer Stanford, Director of Client Services at Vitalief. "Our expert team can quickly pivot to address urgent needs, ensuring that no clinical trial site is left unsupported due to unexpected circumstances. We are enhancing resilience in an industry where every moment counts."

Vitalief's Float Pool services are a testament to the company's dedication to addressing industry-wide challenges. As the research and clinical trials landscape continues to evolve, Vitalief remains at the forefront, developing innovative solutions to meet and exceed the needs of its clients.

For more information about Vitalief and its new Float Pool services, visit the Vitalief website.

About Vitalief

Vitalief is a consulting firm specializing in research and clinical trial operations. With a team of experienced industry practitioners, Vitalief provides consulting, resourcing, managed services, and learning and development services to help research and clinical trial teams optimize their operations and achieve greater success. 

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