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Improving Performance Is On Everyone's Agenda.

It Is Particularly Important To Research And Clinical Trial Teams Who Are Struggling To Attract And Retain Skilled Resources. However, Performance Is Not Just A PEOPLE Problem.

The quickest and most sustainable way to truly improve performance across research and clinical trials is to take a broad view of how operations are being performed. This larger perspective helps teams identify bottlenecks, understand the issues, develop a plan to enhance performance, and execute on the plan.

Typically, research and clinical trials can be broken down into the following critical components:

  • People
  • Organizational Structures and Hierarchies
  • Processes
  • Standards of Practice
  • Technology
  • Budgets and Budget Constraints

When we look at resourcing strategies and operational performance, our methodology provides critical context and allows us to identify and deconstruct operational challenges. Once we do this, we develop practical, experience-based recommendations that align with the client organization’s mission and goals.

Performance Optimization Blueprint & Roadmap

The Vitalief Performance Optimization Blueprint and Roadmap is a brief yet intensive consulting engagement where Vitalief research and clinical trial experts assess a client’s current state performance and recommend the best path to meet their stated goals. Our integrated approach combines the output from interviews, surveys, and workshops with organizational content such as the mission & vision, org charts, and SOPs. We also look at the organization’s culture and how it impacts performance.

We engage with our client teams to identify opportunities around their challenges. We capture all the “moving parts” and offer a fresh view of potential solutions. As we present these solutions, we share industry insights and help teams understand their options and priorities.

Examples of our engagements include:

  • Workforce Planning & Resource Management Analysis
  • Resource Allocation Model
  • Clinical Trial Pipeline Management
  • Technology Review
  • Clinical Trial Office (planning & development or review and assessment)
  • Project Management Office
  • Training/Mentoring of Existing Staff

Contact us to learn more about Vitalief’s ADVISE Services and how we can help your team improve performance.

How We Solve Real Problems


Expert Consulting Services

Our expert consultants partner with clients to devise strategic solutions tailored to their unique needs. We combine industry insights and best practices to optimize processes, ensuring success from the start.


Specialized Talent Acquisition & Retention Services

Our clients find their perfect match with our resourcing services. We connect them with highly qualified professionals, ensuring the project is staffed with experts who have the skills and experience to drive success. 


Flexible Managed Services

Our clients focus on core business while we manage their administrative operations. Our end-to-end managed services streamline tasks and processes and provide comprehensive support, enabling them to achieve their objectives more efficiently.

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