Float Pool

Business Challenge:

Rigid resourcing models and high attrition create significant business challenges for research and clinical trial teams. Research organizations often face difficulties in maintaining an optimal balance of skilled resources, which can lead to overburdened teams, increased project delays, and compromised quality. Float pools address this challenge by providing a flexible workforce to meet fluctuating staffing needs. By offering a readily available pool of experienced professionals, float pools help organizations respond to varying demands, ensure continuity in trial execution, and maintain efficiency in the face of unexpected staffing shortages or surges in workload.

Resourcing adaptability ultimately contributes to the successful completion of research projects and the timely delivery of life-changing treatments to patients.


Our float pool consulting services help clients assess the current and future pipeline of projects and tasks while planning more accurately to support changing requirements. Our experienced consultants help develop a flexible workforce strategy that supports the client’s research priorities across clinical trial operations.


Clients can access our pool of trained professionals to augment their team and maintain operational efficiency during periods of high demand or staff shortages. We manage the team and the entire function. Alternatively, we can restructure work where our team takes on administrative tasks allowing the client team to focus on core competencies.

Managed Services

Vitalief's Float Pool Managed Services offering provides a flexible, on-demand workforce tailored to the dynamic needs of the research and clinical trials industry. Our highly skilled professionals are readily available to address staffing shortages, cover temporary gaps, or manage surges in workload, ensuring seamless trial execution and continuity. With Vitalief's Float Pool Managed Services, clients can maintain operational efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and minimize the impact of staffing fluctuations on trial outcomes.

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