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The Talent And Resourcing Struggle Is Real.

Today’s workforce challenges are impacting how research and clinical trial teams operate. In the research and clinical trials field, skilled resources are needed to complete critical tasks. Many teams work hard to attract top talent and then struggle to retain them as important members of a research team. Sometimes this is a result of team members looking for more flexibility. Often, a lack of opportunity or professional development pushes these people to seek new opportunities outside the organization.

To Achieve A Different Outcome, We Must Do Something Different.

At Vitalief, we recognize this pattern. Instead of ignoring it, we have embraced it. Our resourcing strategy assumes great employees will move on to different positions within 18-24 months. We assume that our team members will want new challenges, so we offer professional development opportunities and mentoring. Rather than living in fear of employees leaving, we lean in and embrace growth. Our continued investment in our team enables them to grow and gain more experience while adding greater value to their client projects.

Our RESOURCE Services are fueled by a proven system that includes:

  • A powerful recruiting engine to attract top talent
  • A culture that prioritizes retention (meaningful work, professional development, and training)
  • A retention model that assumes resources will be progressing to a new position in 18-24 months.

Our model allows us to train resources “up and out” of their jobs with established career paths. This helps us retain top talent, and as they move to different roles, our recruiting engine backfills with new resources.

Critical Roles

We continue to see strong demand for the following positions:

  • Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Clinical Research Nurse Coordinators
  • Program Managers
  • Data Management Specialists
  • Regulatory Specialists

Check out our Careers Page to see our current list of open clinical research jobs in NJ and other areas.

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How We Solve Real Problems


Expert Consulting Services

Our expert consultants partner with clients to devise strategic solutions tailored to their unique needs. We combine industry insights and best practices to optimize processes, ensuring success from the start.


Specialized Talent Acquisition & Retention Services

Our clients find their perfect match with our resourcing services. We connect them with highly qualified professionals, ensuring the project is staffed with experts who have the skills and experience to drive success. 


Flexible Managed Services

Our clients focus on core business while we manage their administrative operations. Our end-to-end managed services streamline tasks and processes and provide comprehensive support, enabling them to achieve their objectives more efficiently.

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