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Innovative resourcing strategies and functional outsourcing models are changing the way that teams work.

The burden of retaining skilled professionals, managing and mentoring top performers, and supporting their professional and personal goals, makes it difficult for managers to get work done. That’s why many research and clinical trial teams are turning to functional service providers (FSPs) for assistance.

Functional outsourcing is a viable operating strategy that has been used throughout the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to address functions such as training, help desk and IT support, regulatory and clinical operations, as well as administrative functions such as accounting and finance.

By taking on hiring and managerial responsibilities, the FSP model removes the administrative burden of attracting, hiring, and retaining talent. It allows research teams to spend more time focusing on science and less time on low-value administrative tasks.

Entire functions or specific tasks can be outsourced to skilled domain experts. Sometimes referred to as “managed services,” this model supports flexible resourcing that is typically required as studies ramp up and closeout. This model is also used to improve the efficiency of recruiting and onboarding.

ROC Resource Optimization Center

The “ROC” is an innovative model where skilled resources in a specific discipline are trained and deployed as needed to a client project. If a team member leaves the organization, becomes ill, or takes a leave of absence, an individual with appropriate and relevant skills and training is assigned from the resource optimization center. This model ensures smooth and consistent resourcing while de-risking time or resource-sensitive project work.

Clinical Trial Office Operations

The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) makes clinical trial resources available to investigators across the organization to support the management and conduct of clinical trials. This centralized resource for study teams helps to standardize the approach to clinical research across the various research teams, centers, and departments by offering trained and skilled resources for study support.

Vitalief’s OPTIMIZE Solutions help research and clinical trial teams expand their capacity and improve their performance.

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