June 26, 2023

Vitalief Launches Vitalief Academy

Novel Learning and Development Solution Targets Performance and Retention

[New Brunswick, NJ – June 26, 2023] – Vitalief, a leading consulting provider specializing in the research and clinical trial industry, is excited to announce the launch of Vitalief Academy, a suite of services, content, and technologies that offer competency enrichment and targeted learning and development curricula for professionals.

The launch comes in response to the increasing demand for high-quality professionals to support the conduct of research and clinical trials. Vitalief Academy started as an internal initiative providing professional development and upskilling opportunities for Vitalief employees. As the concept evolved, the company recognized the unmet need for similar programs among clients who are looking to increase retention and improve performance. This realization led the team to commercialize the curriculum under the Vitalief Academy moniker.

"Vitalief Academy represents our continuing commitment to providing upskilling and professional development opportunities to research and clinical trial professionals," said David Moore, CEO of Vitalief. "It's an answer to the ongoing healthcare human capital epidemic that can have a significant and simultaneous impact on an organization’s performance and their employee retention efforts. We're assembling top talent and using innovative technology to craft programs that will elevate competencies, inspire growth, and ultimately improve patient care."

John Royer, newly appointed Vice President of Learning and Development, will lead the Academy's operations. John is an award-winning commercial learning and development leader and digital learning strategist with a proven ability to translate organizational and customer requirements into effective learning programs and products.

"The Academy is more than a skills development platform; it is an incubator for success," said Royer. "Our tailored educational solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients while helping them to enhance their capabilities, thereby fostering growth, improved performance, and innovation throughout their organizations."

The Vitalief Academy offers an array of programs centered on improving specific skills and knowledge, from technical abilities to leadership and decision-making skills. You can learn more about Vitalief’s Learning and Development solutions here.

About Vitalief

Vitalief is a consulting firm specializing in research and clinical trial operations. With a team of experienced industry practitioners, Vitalief provides consulting, resourcing, managed services, and learning and development services to help research and clinical trial teams optimize their operations and achieve greater success. 

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