June 1, 2023

Vitalief Announces New Clinical Trials Office and Study Activation Services

Vitalief, a leading consulting and functional service provider specializing in the research and clinical trial industry, is excited to announce the launch of its new Clinical Trials Office (CTO) and Study Activation services. The offerings encompass four key services: consulting, resourcing, managed services, and learning and development which are designed to address the most pressing challenges in clinical research.

In their 2022 Site Landscape Survey, the Society for Clinical Research Sites found that “58% of respondents reported higher turnover in the last two years.” This industry-wide trend toward high attrition rates has resulted in degraded processes based on outdated systems and an acute need for staff training and development. Vitalief’s new services target the clinical trials office where the alignment of people, processes, and technologies is critical to research success.  

“Our goal is to empower research organizations to achieve more,” said David Moore, CEO of Vitalief. “These new services embody our commitment to tackling the most significant issues in the industry. With our CTO and Study Activation services, we're leveraging our expertise to provide innovative solutions to the areas where our clients need them the most.”

While the CTO services address the broader clinical trials office function with the organization, the Study Activation services focus on the specific activities that are required to start a study, including the coordination of review and approval cycles by various teams and individuals. This time-consuming process represents a significant administrative burden for trial sites.

The new service offerings are designed by a team of seasoned industry practitioners who understand the critical nature of these processes and their impact on the organization’s research goals.

“We understand the unique demands and challenges of clinical research,” said Jennifer Stanford, MSN, Director of Client Services at Vitalief. “Our CTO and Study Activation services are designed to address these challenges head-on, ensuring our clients can focus on their core research objectives while we manage the administrative and operational complexities.”

With the introduction of these new services, Vitalief continues its mission to transform research operations, driving better outcomes for clients and their patients.

Please visit our website to learn more about Vitalief's new Clinical Trials Office and Study Activation services. 

About Vitalief

Vitalief is a consulting firm specializing in research and clinical trial operations. With a team of experienced industry practitioners, Vitalief provides consulting, resourcing, managed services, and learning and development services to help research and clinical trial teams optimize their operations and achieve greater success. 

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