Our Company

What's In A Name?

The VITALIEF name is a mash-up of the Latin word, ‘vita’ meaning LIFE with the words BELIEF and RELIEF.

  • We are acutely aware of our impact on the LIVES of patients in need.
  • We understand the challenges of clinical research and the urgent need for trained professionals.
  • We BELIEVE we can make a powerful and lasting IMPACT on clinical trials by RELIEVING the resource pressures that delay or stop clinical trials. 

The Vitalief Approach

Vitalief is committed to delivering a positive culture, professional development opportunities, and a career path for our employees. This commitment also ensures quality services for our clients.

Our PEOPLE FIRST culture is what drives our success.

The quality of our resources is a powerful differentiator in the marketplace. It enables us to make a positive impact, lead and contribute to exciting and necessary research, and offer greater value to our clients. We understand that partnering with our employees to help them achieve their professional goals is the key to continuous quality.

When we say PEOPLE FIRST, we include employees, partners, clients, and patients in our approach.

The single biggest driver of business impact is the strength of an organization’s learning culture.

— Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte

Clinical Trials Are Run For, By, And With PEOPLE.

We Prioritize The People In Each of These Roles.

Our Culture Values And Nurtures:

  • Innovation (entrepreneurial mindset)
  • Achievement (high performance, reward and develop, transparency & clarity on career paths)
  • Accountability (freedom and responsibility, and context, not control)
  • Alignment (highly aligned, loosely coupled)
  • Impact (seat at the table, making a difference)
  • Community (mindset)

Today, Clinical Trial Professionals Must Have The Domain Knowledge And Practical Experience Required To Support Complex Clinical Trials. These Include:

  • An understanding of documentation and compliance requirements throughout the trial
  • Knowledge of enabling technologies that support traditional, hybrid, and virtual clinical trials
  • Procedural experience in coordinating and communicating trial-related processes

We Are Committed To Creating An Environment That Helps Employees Meet Their Professional Goals And Positions Them For The Needs Of A Rapidly Changing Industry:

  • A mission-oriented culture focused on contributing to life-saving therapies and products
  • Career path that aligns with your long and short-term goals
    • Supported by formal professional development programs
    • Leverage Clinical Trial Badging Program through Rutgers University
  • Flexible work environment
    • Remote and/or onsite
    • Part-time and 4-day per week options
  • Transparent and open communications
    • Ability to have a voice and make an impact
  • Opportunities to lead and participate in a broader community
  • Market-based compensation
    • Robust benefits package
    • Variable incentive/reward system

Our PEOPLE FIRST culture offers the work/life balance and workplace flexibility that clinical trial professionals want, and the fast-paced and dynamic clinical trial industry demands.